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Oklahoma Estate Sales

Estate sales in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas

Estate sale services are available in Oklahoma City and the areas in roughly a 50 mile radius.  Exceptions can be made for certain situations.  Estate sales are promoted locally in various publications as well as online, with photos of the estate items included.

Oklahoma city estate saleThe sale will be organized in a attractive manner.  Linens are washed and folded, items are cleaned and polished.  Display tables are covered in crisp white tablecloths and similar items are grouped together.  The display areas are set up for appropriate crowd flow and security.


Online Sales of Estate Items

Offering items to a larger audience to maximize profits

Items will be researched and, in additional to the local estate sale, small collectible items that can be safely shipped will be offered online and/or auctioned on eBay for maximum profits.

Great care is taken to create very professional eBay auctions including cleaning, photographing and presenting the items in an appealing fashion.  Multiple auctions are held together in a themed manner and an original auction template based on your estate items will be designed.  Photographs are taken using professional photography equipment.ebay auction services

This attention to detail makes a difference in auction results.  For example, a collection of Fenton Glass was auctioned on eBay and despite the items being neither vintage or rare, with identical pieces often on eBay -- even at the time of these auctions -- the lot received higher ending bids than the identical items.  The presentation was attractive, photos were clear, descriptions were detailed, a refund policy was offered, and multiple auctions generated hits from one to the other.  Click the image above to see a copy (pdf) of one of the actual auctions from this lot.


Commission & Fees

A straight 35% commission - leave everything else to me

oklahoma estate salesThe cost is a 35% commission of the gross total sales.  The costs for permits, packing material, cleaning supplies, eBay fees and all other expenses will be paid by Sophie's Cottage, with the exception of hauling away large unsold items if charitable organizations won't accept them and it's not possible to leave it out for "Bulky Day."

Estate sales are appropriate for anyone due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy or death.  For more specific information, the Estate Sale Agreement (doc) can be reviewed here.  If you are interested in having an estate sale, please contact me for more information.

See information for consignment.

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