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Making a Bed the Ralph Lauren Way

Mixed patterns and layers make for a luxurious bed

Published:  March 2007
Luxurious BeddingRalph Lauren Home bedding is known for its sumptuous patterns, quality materials, and for the ability to mix and match the patterns to make your own creation.  These superb linens display beautifully and last for years to come.

You will never see Ralph Lauren stage a bed with only one or even two patterns like the bed-in-a-bag collections.  Patterns from one collection are used freely with other Ralph Lauren collections with the same hue.   This layering and snuggly-soft style lends itself perfectly to cottage and shabby chic decor.  Discontinued Ralph Lauren patterns become collectible almost as soon as they are discontinued.

Making a Bed Step by Step

To make your bed look absolutely luxurious, start with a mattress pad or feather top bed for a deep cushy base.  Your bed will never quite achieve the plush luxurious look of the "magazine beds" without using down and feather products.  It's also a quality investment that will last for years to come.  And the best part is that you'll never want anything else on your bed because it will not only look fabulous, but it will also feel absolutely indulgent.

Next, add a bed skirt, fitted sheet and flat sheet in coordinating Ralph Lauren patterns.  Make sure at least the flat sheet is in a different but coordinating pattern to the bed skirt and fitted sheet.

Ralph Lauren Cottage RoseYou can also add two flat sheets.  Ralph Lauren has displayed beds with two flat sheets folded so that both patterns show.  For example, in the photo to the right, they've placed a white ruffled flat sheet under a Cottage Lane flat sheet and folded it so that the white ruffle shows just on the edge.

Put the flat sheet(s) on with the patterned side facing the fitted sheet so that when you fold it down, the pattern shows.  Add a matching blanket, quilt or coverlet on top of the flat sheet and then fold both down about eighteen inches.

Pull your comforter/duvet to the top and fold it back down two or three times in a loose accordion-style so that it is plump at the foot of the bed and still allows you to see part of the coverlet.

This is the most important aspect in dressing a bed -- avoid pulling your comforter/duvet all the way to top and merely setting the pillows on top of it.  This tends to give a stiff and dated look.  But you can pull your comforter/duvet all the way to the top if you add a blanket or coverlet folded at the foot of the bed to break up the length.

Finishing Touches

Making a Bed rightNow each of the compatible patterns should be visible on your bed.  Continue by being very generous with pillow cases, shams and Euro shams in these same patterns as well as boudoir pillows and throws.  Mix the patterns up on all of these components.  Use similar colors or hues as well as similar style (modern, shabby, sophisticated).  Just remember to use one

or two of the patterns at least three times on your ensemble to pull it all together.

The decorating rule is to mix at least:

  • a floral
  • a plaid, check, or geometric
  • a stripe
Get creative with your patterns and have fun!

Available Ralph Lauren Bedding

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